We believe your legacy deserves to be recorded and cherished, that's why we are excited to offer We Remember, our new collaboration with Ancestry. We Remember is a free website designed for family and friends to celebrate loved ones by gathering memories in one place. The pages are private, allowing you to decide who has access to it. We Remember pages’ simple and intuitive design enables people of all ages and experience to add their memories.

Recording your memories allows family and friends to continue to treasure and share these memories. It's the best way to collect those events and photos in one place before they are lost.

Planning for your funeral can be done at any time; your memorial page is just one part of your celebration of life.

With We Remember you will be able to leave behind memories and stories that will last forever. Family and friends will be able to continue to add memories, preserving them for others and celebrating your life for generations to come.

How do you start?

Enjoy reminiscing!

We Remember Grandma
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Adding memories
Adding memories to your We Remember page is easy.