Recognizing a need in the Long Term Care insurance market for an innovative and stable long term care product, National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL) created EssentialLTC - a consumer-oriented competitively priced product.

Long Term Care insurance is an important component in protecting your clients' future financial well-being. By assisting your clients with this decision now, you're helping to prevent potential long term care expenses from impacting their family down the road.


Plan Features

Because each person's situation is unique, EssentialLTC offers customizable plan features that appeal to a wide range of clients including:

    • Lifetime Benefits
  • Shared Benefits - Third Benefit Pool   
    • Single Premium Payment Option
  • Employer Group rate class (unisex)
    • 10-Year Premium Payment Option
  • Inflation Protection
    • Competitive Rates
  • Return of Premium
    • Joint Pricing
  • Surrender Values
    • 1035 Exchange

In addition, NGL has an established and thorough underwriting process which results in predictable decisions with an accelerated turnaround.


What is Long Term Care?

Long term care includes a wide range of services and support your clients can receive in their home, a nursing home or assisted living facility. 

The need for long term care can occur when health begins to decline or an unexpected medical crisis arises. The loss of at least two activities of daily living or cognitive impairment can result in the need for expensive and substantial care.


$272 billionvalue of caregivers providing an estimated 16 billion hours of care *
11 millionAmericans provide unpaid care for people with Alzheimer's or other dementias.*

Long term care includes a wide range of services and support that your clients can receive in their home, a nursing home or assisted living facility.

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The Agent Resource Center offers a variety of resources about EssentialLTC.

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* https://www.alz.org/media/Documents/alzheimers-facts-and-figures-infographic.pdf