We are here for you

With over 100 years of experience you can see our passion is serving people. We are here in times of celebration, times of grief and times of stillness in between. We believe in providing a variety of products to help meet your needs for your unique life journey. 

Heritage Seal

We help people face life's financial challenges with confidence, dignity and grace.

Our Purpose



We seek not only to be there when it counts, but to be there when you did not know you needed it and like your life journey, ours is changing to meet the needs of today. 


It is time for us to write our next chapter - a chapter that builds on our promises, strengths and innovation. We are focused on using a combined culture of dreaming and doing to revitalize our company, products and industry to meet your needs today and in the future.


Our Values

Understanding that no great work is achieved without help, NGL is a partner-focused collaborator and serves employees and partners as a faithful companion, showing just as much dedication to them as it does to the end policyholder. NGL is intentional about growth, seeking not only to build a business meant to evolve and flourish, but to build relationships that do the same and choosing actions that nurture feelings of reliability, trust and success.

  • Integrity

    Trust and respect are essential. Honesty is at the heart of our relationships and decision making.
  • Dependability

    Committed to keeping our promises. We approach our relationships with a caring posture and resolve to deliver value over the long term.
  • Collaboration

    Doing it alone isn't our way. We are inclusive, communicate openly and count on each other.
  • Compassion

    To treat our employees, partners, and customers with care and kindness. We provide support during times when it is needed most.
  • Growth

    We are all dedicated to maintaining a culture of growth and prudent risk taking.