I love working at NGL because of the amazing people. It’s a welcoming place and I feel like a part of the family. My coworkers are the coolest and my supervisor is very supportive and encouraging...

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Vanessa T.

Contracting Administration Specialist

I joined NGL back in April of 1995. Much has changed over the years such as the technology that we work with; however, some things have remained the same. I noticed right away after joining NGL that it is a company that truly cares about its policy owners, agents and marketing partners. 

Throughout the years NGL has grown as a company and I have had the opportunity to grow along with it both professionally and personally. My coworkers are like family, and everyday our focus is on providing the best service and products available. I am proud to work for a company where we have the ability to make a difference in people's lives.

Ted H.

Operations Team Lead

One of NGL's slogans is It's about people. Based on my experience here, this refers to the employees of NGL; the agents, funeral homes, and TPM's that sell our products; and the policyholders. All are treated equally. Employees are respected and rewarded for their ideas and contributions. 

I personally take pride in NGL's giving attitude. Our contributions towards United Way and other charitable organizations makes me proud to work here. NGL recognizes its importance as a community leader. Also to have both a 401K matched at 6% and a private pension fund are valued benefits in today's world. This helps lend comfort to a person as they plan for their future. Finally, the location is something to consider. To be right downtown of Madison, WI with both the state capital and university just blocks away makes this a wonderful place to work.

John E

John E.

Senior Software Developer

After what seemed like endless applications and interviews I was given an opportunity to work with NGL and I took it. NGL not only gave me a career opportunity they helped me finish my college career. About a year ago, just out of school, I was looking for an internship when my wonderful cousin recommended that I apply for a position in NGL. She sent me an email of the application, but I couldn't get the attachment to open, so I went on NGL's website and applied for the New Business Rep position, thinking that was the position she emailed me. The next day I found out it was not the position she emailed me, but even then I knew it was a blessing in disguise. 

I still can't believe it's been so many years now, but I feel as if I just started. I'm always learning, growing, and being challenged.

Shoua H

Shoua H.

Senior New Business Representative