NGL activates the community to Step Up for Dane County
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NGL activates the community to Step Up for Dane County

1.25 million steps logged to unlock donations for United Way of Dane County

The Madison In Business Expo & Conference brings business professionals from all walks of life together for a day of networking, strategy sessions and educational opportunities. This year, National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL) aimed to take the ‘walks of life’ aspect of this conference a little more literally. 

Leveraging the Kilter technology, NGL challenged the Dane County community to log their steps in order to unlock real-time donations benefitting United Way of Dane County. The steps challenge spanned throughout the week of the business expo, capturing all the steps attendees took from exhibits to sessions, and resulted in a $1,250 donation for United Way.

“United Way of Dane County is celebrating its 100-year anniversary and we wanted to do something fun that gives everyone in the community a chance to get involved and support United Way. Kilter takes your fitness activities and turns it into money for a great cause. It was inspiring to witness how quickly participants stepped up to the challenge and unlocked the full donation amount,” said Maria Lubick, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Communications at NGL.

In this event, every 1,000 steps logged via fitness tracker resulted in a $1 donation to United Way of Dane County up to $1,000 sponsored by NGL. The event was so successful, with the initial contribution quickly getting unlocked, that an extra $250 was donated by Kilter to the available donation match pool for participants to earn. 

“At Kilter, we’re always so excited to partner with forward thinking organizations that see the power and the potential in using technology to promote community health and social impact. NGL is always pushing the limits and we’re excited to grow the impact in initiatives like this in the future,” added Seth Braddock, CEO & Founder at Kilter.

While only the first year hosting this event, NGL was able to test the waters, witness its fruition and success, and has a goal to grow the impact of the event to even greater heights next year. Stepping up for the community has never been easier! 

About United Way of Dane County
For 100 years, UWDC has mobilized the caring power of the community to create lasting change for multiple generations. With a mission to unite the community to achieve measurable results that change lives, they are committed to being a catalyst for inclusion and systemic change – working collaboratively with local nonprofits, businesses, community leaders, donors and volunteers to solve big-picture issues no one person or organization can address alone. 

About Kilter
Kilter is the most inclusive activity-based engagement platform for good. The platform allows users to turn their everyday health, wellness and lifestyle activities into opportunities for to drive charitable dollars to their favorite causes, all while building culture and community to make a global impact. With 50+ trackable activities from running to yoga to pickleball to volunteering, plus our best in class user experience, functionality and customer support, employers, nonprofits and event producers will meet their supporters where they are today (on their phones) and easily exceed engagement and impact goals. Learn more at www.kilterapp.com.

About NGL

Established in 1909 National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL) is an insurance company headquartered in Madison, Wis. Licensed to do business in 49 states and the District of Columbia, NGL markets preneed and individual life and annuities, as well as group markets products. Information about NGL can be found at www.nglic.com; Facebook: Facebook.com/NGLIC and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/national-guardian-life-insurance-company.

National Guardian Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America a/k/a The Guardian or Guardian Life.





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