Why should your funeral home work with National Guardian Life Insurance Company? With NGL, you'll find responsive, customer-oriented people with flexible solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business, families, and community. We offer a variety of preneed products and marketing programs.

Advance Funding

NGL offers an advance funding program that provides high value to our funeral home partners. This program provides you with access to life insurance benefits more quickly than ever before possible.

National Guardian Life has a highly skilled team of individuals ready to assist you with your advance funding needs.  With the NGL Advance Funding Program, you can quickly receive the funds from an existing life insurance policy - within days of the request. Many funeral home owners have adopted this program to improve their cash flow and completely alleviate their accounts receivable concerns.

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NGL's Advance Funding Insurance Assignment Program is a simple, fast and reliable method to obtain payment for services when assignable non-preneed life insurance proceeds are a family's payment method of choice. Advance funding accelerates your payment of the death claim from 30-60 days down to as little as two days, solving any cash flow concerns.

Through advance funding, funeral homes and cemeteries reassign insurance claims to NGL by completing two simple forms. As soon as the policy benefits and status are verified, funds are advanced within 48 hours!

Advance funding benefits for you:

  • Transfers the risk of non-payment from your firm to NGL
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Eliminates accounts receivables
  • Death certificate not required prior to advancing funds
  • Competitive rates

Advance funding benefits for your families:

  • Reduces financial stress at a difficult time
  • Relieves the worry of how they will pay expenses
  • No out-of-pocket expenses