Rules for Medicaid benefit qualification are complex and qualification requirements differ by state.If you are not well versed in Medicaid rules for your state, NGL highly recommends that you work closely with an elder law advisor or someone who has the requisite knowledge prior to recommending any product strategies to your clients looking to qualify immediately for Medicaid or who are contemplating that they might eventually need assistance.

For your clients where you have determined that a strategy including converting an asset to an income stream is appropriate, the SPIA product is a good choice.

Features of NGL’s SPIA:

  • It is available for clients ages 40-100
  • May be funded with dollars from qualified or non-qualified accounts
  • The minimum single payment is $10,000 with maximums of $250,000 for durations of 47 months or less and $500,000 for longer durations (Higher maximums may be available with home office approval
  • Durations of 2-360 months available (There is an administrative fee for durations of less than 48 months)